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Stories yet to come (22 oktober 2009)

We knew each other once (March 29th 2009)

Last month we played in the first preliminary round for Scheldepop 2009. Unfortunately we didn't make it to the actual festival, but we had a great night and met a lot of new people. The jury really liked our songs and band sound, which is a nice compliment.

About a week ago we paid a visit to the Omroep Zeeland studio in Oost-Souburg for the recordings of the Zeeuwse Top 40. Once more we played the role of the Ieseleke Koppespinnen, our regional alter ego. We performed the song Zeure in Zaehe which is written in our local dialect. As soon as we know the airing date and time of the clip, you'll read about it right here.

Speaking of airing, the local radio station BRTO has asked us to join them for a new radio show on regional bands. Early May we'll be performing a few songs live and talking about our music.

Out of the park (February 26th 2009)

At the beginning of this month we played a gig on Saturday evening in cafe De Concurrent in Vlissingen. The Lost Key foundation organized a music night which kept the city awake. After our gig, Miles Browning and his improvised band played a set, after which all attending musicians took the stage for a joint jam session. We'd like to thank all fans for their support!

This week we'll be playing in the preliminary rounds of Scheldepop 2009. Alongside seven other bands we can be found in Snowbase, Terneuzen. Our set starts at around 18.30. A few watchful fans pointed out this article in the PZC (Dutch, regional newspaper) on the upcoming preliminary rounds. We're very excited to have been selected out of a major number of bands and we'll be playing our hearts out this Saturday.

Other news includes our recent web site restyling to better match the direction for our new CD. Besides that, we've signed up for a Hyves-site where you can leave your comments. You can find us at oceansedge.hyves.nl.

Season ticket on a one-way ride (January 4th 2009)

2009 has arrived, it's time for rock 'n roll. Best of wishes to all of you for this year, hopefully we'll see you again at some great new gigs. We're working hard on a new CD which we'll be presenting later this year, so stay tuned!


The coast is always changing (December 25th 2008)

Our gig in De Sterke Duvel was a huge success thanks to all of you. We were really glad to see such a crowd turning up and enjoying themselves.

The past week we've been preparing the recording of a new CD. Over the course of two days we've been experimenting with new recording techniques and different instruments to achieve a sound different from our Forever Seventeen EP. It's been a great experience already and we're now going to mix the recordings to see if we like the sounds we've got.

On behalf of the band we wish you some great holidays and a fantastic 2009. We'll be slowly starting up next year to be able to write some new songs, but of course we'll retake our place under the spotlights to surprise everyone with our music.

Language I don't understand (November 24th 2008)

Recently, we've been hanging out at Podium Kloosterhof in Hoogerheide, Cafe De Kroon in Tholen and we went undercover as the D'Ieseleke Koppespinnen in De Stenge in Heinkenszand. A big word of thanks to all fans showing up at these shows.

In a few weeks we're going to play a nice rock cover night, just like the old days. The gig will take place on December 12th in cafe De Sterke Duvel in Nieuw-Vossemeer. Everyone's invited and be sure to take friends and family with you to enjoy a great evening and night!

Besides performing on stage we're in the process of writing new songs for a third CD, which is coming along nicely. We hope to record a great new album next year which will open up new doors.

There we were, now here we are (October 8th 2008)

Next Saturday, October 11th 2008, we'll be supporting Miss Behaviour from Bergen op Zoom in 't Kloosterhof in Hoogerheide. Our show will start at 21:00 after which Miss Behaviour will perform a gig to celebrate the release of their latest CD. On October 25th we'll be playing in cafe De Kroon in Tholen during a mini festival, alongside KB Blues Authority and Quixpin.

Readers of the regional newspaper BN/DeStem might have already noticed: we're temporarily sidestepping our usual musical activities and will go undercover for the Zing Zeeuws event, a musical initiative promoting our local Dutch dialect called Zeeuws. In light of this event we wrote a new song enitrely in the local dialect and with supporting music in a different style than we're used to. Every fan of dialectrock is welcome to join us and other bands in De Stenge in Heinkenszand to listen to a large number of entries.

In other news, it's been quite a while since we played another 2U Tribute Band night at the Bellamypark in Vlissingen. The gig was marked by lots of rain, thunder and lightning coming down from the heavens. Because of that, we'd like to thank all 53 fans enjoying another great night with us. And to think we played in bright sunlight just two weeks earlier at the Mosselrock 2008 festival in Yerseke. Here's some pictures for all of you to enjoy:

High water mark (August 4th 2008)

No summer break for us yet, as we're filling in for The Straits on August 16th at the Mosselrock 2008 festival. We'll be playing two sets in the late afternoon on the Heartbreak stage near the entrance of the festival grounds. Drop by to hear the songs you love and to experience some of our new tracks.

August 31st we're showing up as the 2U Tribute Band during Vlissingen Maritiem. It's been exactly one year since we gave a great show during the Sail event and we're really eager to bring you another unforgettable evening. Make sure you're on the Bellamypark at 22:00 to enjoy the full show.

Besides announcing some new gigs, we've also got a truckload of pictures taken at our most recent performances:

Brothers in arms (July 14th 2008)

Today the sad news of The Straits calling it a day reached us. There are few bands without a recording contract of which we've got the lyrics and guitar solos memorized, but The Straits were one of them. Their unbelievable rythms, melodies, vocals and bravery were always a joy to listen to.

We met The Straits in early 2006 during the TV recordings of Klipzz in 't Beest in Goes. At the moment we entered the room they were just performing "Thoughts of Relief" and we were awestruck by the sound of the band and their amazing talent! Later that evening we exchanged CDs and we started a new friendship.

Throughout the year we regularly met eachother at band competitions, festivals and jointly organized gigs, like this year's shows in Fijnaart and Maastricht. Our encounters always guaranteed a lot of fun, both on stage as well as in the hours afterwards.

If the stars would've been aligned differently, The Straits just as well might have hit the top charts and been playing at Pinkpop instead of Moke or Gem . Fortunately their music is still available online at their website, Boomr and MySpace. So download gems like 120 mph and Without a Sound to your computer and portable music player and keep enjoying them while spreading the word!

Patrik, Martijn, Ralph, Robbert, Wilko and Thomas: thanks for your music and the great years we've spent together. May your star shine again one day, we'll never forget you…

With friends like these (April 8th 2008)

This Friday we'll be playing in the Parel Bar in Fijnaart, but not alongside Swamp Nouveau as we reported earlier. We've asked The Straits to help us make the most of the evening. We'll jointly take the stage from nine o'clock to perform our songs.

The combi-gig with VanKatoen and Crimson Black on March 22nd was a great success and we enjoyed a long, cool night. We've gathered a few pictures of the gig, so feel free to take a look. We'd like to thank VanKatoen for their efforts and very useful tips.

Standing next to a mountain (March 13th 2008)

The workshop led by VanKatoen-drummer Arnoud was a success and we're all looking forward to our joint gig in De Piek, on Saturday March 22nd. Right after the workshop we briefly saw Crimson Black, who'll also perform a show that evening.

The compilation CD "Nederland Rockt" has been reviewed by poprock.nl (Dutch, search for "Nederland Rockt") and the verdict is: "... a nice CD showing there are numerous great rockbands in The Netherlands all writing and performing their own songs, ... I hope that festivals, clubs and youth centers will collectively take notice and book these talents."

On top of that we've again collected pictures from our Stage One gig in De Spot, so feel free to take a look.

You live, you learn (March 1st 2008)

We've been invited to a personal workshop with the flagbearers of the Dutch DIY-scene Van Katoen, along with Crimson Black. This closed workshop will take place on March 9th, and we will put the know-how provided by Van Katoen to good use on March 22nd, in a gig in De Piek in Vlissingen alongside both aforementioned bands. Make sure you're there!

Nederland Rockt (February 18th 2008)

After working for over a year with label PromoceR we can finally unveil one of our secret projects: amidst twenty other Dutch bands we're part of the compilation-CD Nederland Rockt (Holland Rocks).

Our song No Man's Land is track seven of the album. No Man's Land is the opening song of our second EP, Forever Seventeen and has passed the thorough selection.

We're really excited about our collaboration with PromoceR and the resulting album. You can order the CD for € 8,99.

Set the controls (February 14th 2008)

Now that the year is slowly thawing, our gig schedule for 2008 is starting to take shape. Next week, on February 23rd (Saturday), we'll play along with Lunar and Sidewalk Stone for the Stage One music project. Our collective regional rock night starts around 20:30.

One month later we'll take the stage again, this time with Van Katoen and Crimson Black for a gig in De Piek in Vlissingen. On April 18th expect to see us in Fijnaart, alongside Swamp Nouveau, for another great evening in De Parel.

The finishing touch (for now) is a summer gig as 2U, but we haven't yet decided on a date for that gig.

One of these days (January 16th 2008)

Welcome to 2008. The time's right for new gigs, plans and a new CD!


Ticket to ride (December 15th 2007)

The year 2007 is coming to a close, so it's time for a brief reflection. We've had a wonderful year with lots of gigs, positive feedback and a pretty much sold-out second EP. An EP which was our "ticket" to festivals such as Alive, Tholen Rocks, Rock over Halsteren and the Sail event in Vlissingen.

Playing gigs and rehearsing also means that we've had little time to write new songs. We'll be using the upcoming months to make up for that. We've already wrote two new songs, morale is high and there are even whispers about entering the studio once more.

We'll hit the road again in spring 2008. Until then, enjoy your holidays and happy new year!

Good time boys (November 21st 2007)

This year's end is slowly crawling upon us which means things are relatively quiet for us right now. Last month we had a great weekend with Silence is Sexy and there are three photographic impressions online. Thanks to all people attending these gigs. We're arranging new shows for next year and we'll keep you posted.

Driving south 'round midnight (October 23rd 2007)

This week we'll be playing two gigs as support act for Silence is Sexy. Friday night, October 26th, you'll find us in 't Beest in Goes around 21.00 and on Saturday night we'll be at community center De Triangel in Terneuzen because Kalashnikov has been levelled and is being rebuilt as we speak.

Travellin' band (September 6th 2007)

August is gone, but not forgotten. We've played four great gigs, all of which will leave a special memory. Right now we're arranging new gigs so that everyone will be able to continue to enjoy our songs and sound in the near future. By popular demand we've collected pictures of our most recent gigs and we're happy to offer you the following series:

As usual, thanks to our new listeners and loyal fans we meet at every step we take.

Staring at the sun (August 11th 2007)

On top of a gig at a private party next week, we'll be playing on and around the Bellamypark in Vlissingen at the end of this month, on the 24th and 25th of August. One week later, on the 31st, we'll play on the Rock over Halsteren festival.

Last year, we were wrapping up the recording and polishing of our Forever Seventeen EP. This year, we're taking some time off to enjoy our vacation. We really hope you're having a great time as well.

Light my way (June 23rd 2007)

Last Friday's two gigs in St. Annaland and Vlissingen were both a great success. A lot of thanks to all people visiting our show on the marketplace in St. Annaland despite the rain, thunder and lightning. A few hours after that show we were warmly greeted in cafe Michieltje in Vlissingen, where we played more than two hours in an intimate ambience. Again, a word of thanks to all new listeners and fans we met.

Yesterday we played near the tennis courts of tennis club T.O.V. in Oud-Vossemeer. Luckily the weather was fine and we again played a nice gig for a great, local audience.

Our most recent performances have given us a lot of faith in the future and there are exciting times ahead. We'll gladly take you along on our journey, if you're in for a ride.

Long, hot summer night (May 26th 2007)

Next month we'll play four gigs in one week. On the 22nd of June you'll find us in St. Annaland for a local music festival and later that night we'll be playing a gig in cafe Michieltje in Vlissingen to celebrate the Day of Music organised by Lost Key.

The next day, the 23rd of June, we'll be the musical accompaniment of the first official mid-summer night tennis party at tennis club T.O.V. in our hometown, Oud-Vossemeer. To round of this week of gigs you'll find us at the Harbor event in Tholen on the 30th of June, at about half past six.

Update: on the 31st of May we were contacted about playing a gig on the 2nd of June in De Klomp in Ovezande, filling in for another band at 2ndPopShop. We'll be socializing with other bands in the midday and playing a set in the evening at 22:45.

Hard to explain (April 16th 2007)

Last week we played two gigs in short succession and we liked it, being a bit reminiscent of last year. After a bit of searching around we managed to gather pictures of these two gigs, so feel free to click through to:

On top of that, we're arranging the gig on Lost Key's Day of the Music and chances are we'll be playing on a local stage in St. Annaland. As soon as we know where and at what time we'll be playing, you'll be the first to know, as usual.

The top-secret projects we keep talking about are finally coming to a finish and you'll find the details here soon. Some of these projects are classified to the extent not all bandmembers know about them, so expect some surprises.

Running to standstill (March 25th 2007)

It's been a little while since we last added some news, but we're still here! Because of moving band members, a short musical break and thinking up concepts for new songs we had to tone down our activities a bit, but we're ready to rock'n'roll again.

We've got a lot of exciting stuff we'd like to talk about, but we need to hold it back for a little while longer. We'll tell you all about it as soon as we can.

It's only rock'n'roll (February 4th 2007)

On the 20th of January we played a gig in cafe De Mortier in Bergen op Zoom to celebrate the initiative to start a new pop venue in the city. We hope everyone enjoyed the night and that the plans for the new venue will be given a green light soon. Thanks to everybody supporting the cause and all acts showing up that night to entertain the audience.

Last few weeks we've been busy collecting pictures of our most recent gigs. Thanks to a lot of searching, cropping and retouching we're able to add no less than eight new series of pictures to the site. Again, thanks to all photographers for the material:

Enjoy the pictures, see you soon!

A sort of homecoming (Januari 9th 2007)

Past Friday we played a combined gig with The Straits in The Music Temple in Roosendaal. The atmosphere was great and hopefully we entertained all listeners. It's been a while since we last saw The Straits and some might say we should plan gigs together more often. We should definitely keep that in mind for the future.

Again we've been tipped about one of our tracks being present in the Free 40 Indie Chart. This time we've got the Indie Disc of the week with our song called The Brightest.

Our list of gigs might seem a bit empty at the moment, but we're trying to arrange a lot of gigs in a short amount of time so we need to do some planning in advance to make sure everything falls into place. Expect the new gigs to trickle in soon. The icing on the cake will be the addition of pictures of our most recent gigs so that the list is again complete.

Stay young and invincible (Januari 1st 2007)

It's been quiet for a while, but we're back, alive and kicking. First of all, best of wishes for 2007 to all of you, we'd bring it more personally if the distance wasn't this big.

We don't look back at the past that often because we rather enjoy every moment in the present, but we can't easily ignore 2006. In only a single year of time we have become what we are now. More than 25 gigs in 2006, new songs, a new EP, a new logo, a new website and of course new allies. We first met The Straits while recording Klipzz, Grouse at 2nd Influenz and Danny Vera at Hooikoorts. Amongst many others.

Here we are.


On a tightrope (December 11th 2006)

This weekend we played a gig in our hometown and that didn't go unnoticed. Cafe De Hoop was already crammed with listeners as Garbitch played their set. After rocking away for fourty-five minutes on the covers and own songs of the Nieuw-Vossemeer based quintet we readied ourselves to get on the stage at around 22:00.

We played our own tracks ranging from Price of Progress to Forever Seventeen and covers like Keep on Rocking in the Free World to All I Want Is You for a large audience. In between our sets Bonnie van Poortvliet was the center of attention; she effortlessly performed songs by Anouk, The Cranberries and Shania Twain.

Since our last news post we've also played the Alive festival. We're trying to publish some tracks and the interview we did there, so keep your eye on this spot as we'll keep you posted.

To finish off today's news we want to inform you we ended up in the Free 40 Free Advice List which is good news in itself, but we also came in touch with a newly started band promotion initiative that looks really promising.

Live forever (November 15th 2006)

Past Sunday we presented Forever Seventeen to our fans in Nieuw-Vossemeer. We opened the regular jamsession by playing the four tracks from our new CD and then continued to play a few covers with fellow musicians.

In the meantime the ticket sale for the Alive festival (25th of November) has begun, head over to the website for more information on obtaining tickets. The festival will be held in De Blokstallen in Bergen op Zoom, we'll be the second act performing at 20:30.

Last, but not least, the so-called Zeeuws Documentatiecentrum (state archives) has contacted us regarding the archival of both of our CDs. This way our music will be archived and accessible to the public for quite some time to come.

Love spreads (October 30th 2006)

It's been two weeks since the official release of Forever Seventeen and we can already look back at a very successful introduction of our second CD. Interviews published in a variety of papers, a lot of positive feedback and a large number of sold copies later it's become very clear that a lot of people are interested in what we're doing.

To spread our music even further we added links to our profile on MySpace, PureVolume and the Dutch site BOOMR. This week we're in the spotlight: Ocean's Edge artist of the week on BOOMR.

We're continuing our promotion tour with a new CD presentation in "Het Wagenhuis" in Nieuw-Vossemeer, scheduled on November 12th. Take a look at our gigs for a complete overview of the tour.

Even better than the real thing (October 20th 2006)

After a full week of investigating the Forever Seventeen playback problem we've found and solved it. We've received a new batch of CDs which will play back without any hitch on all audio devices. We urge everyone having problems with the disc to contact us so we can offer a free replacement.

Of course we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Unforgettable fire (October 15th 2006)

Our CD-release weekend consisting of gigs in the Waterput and the Lost Key festival in Vlissingen has been a tremendous success. We received a lot of amazing reactions about our new CD and we want to thank everyone who purchased our record immediately after release.

Besides this awesome news we've also got an important message for those who bought our second EP:

A small number of fans notified us of problems with the new CD not playing correctly in some built-in car CD players. Right now, we're investigating the cause of te problem and working towards a solution, we'll keep you informed via our website. A temporary solution to the problem is importing the tracks in iTunes or Windows Media Player and burning a new audio CD from within the program.

A hard day's night (October 9th 2006)

Next Friday, October 13th, is the day we've all been waiting for: our second EP, Forever Seventeen, will officially be released. Months of work built up to the culmination: from songwriting to finetuning songs for days in the studio and from folding the CD inlays to restyling the website.

To celebrate the release of the EP, we'll be giving a CD-presentation on Friday October 13th around 19:30 at the Waterput music store in Bergen op Zoom, where our CD will also be for sale. The day after the official release we'll be playing at the Lost Key festival in Vlissingen. So if you're curious about our new record, just come and listen!

Make all the dust that you can (August 31st 2006)

We're working hard on finishing the new CD before October this year. From mixing the music to designing the artwork, everything has to be perfect this time. As soon as we release the CD, you will notice we haven't been slacking off the past year.

In the meantime, we've done some succesful gigs again and we're really proud to announced the fact that we'll be playing in the first preliminary rounds of the Zeeuwse Belofte (Promise) festival. This event will be held on September 15th in cafe "De Piek" in Vlissingen where we played a great gig earlier this year. We're also playing on the Alive and Lost Key festivals later on.

Prior to our gig at the Mosselrock festival in Yerseke, the Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant (PZC) (regional newspaper) published an article on our band.

"We've got faith in the future." - In a short timespan a lot of things have changed inside and outside of the band and we want everyone to enjoy those changes. Ocean's Edge are here to stay, and everyone is invited.

Keep watching our website, we'll be making a lot of dust shortly.

All work and no play (July 11th 2006)

It's been a rough week for Ocean's Edge: past Monday and Tuesday we spent our time in the recording studio with Danny Vera, resulting in the recording of four new original songs. For the curious amongst you: the songs are titled: "Numbered", "Forever Seventeen", "No Man's Land" and "The Brightest". We've been playing both "Numbered" and "No Man's Land" regularly at our recent gigs.

Past Thursday and Friday we've played two very succesful gigs in Cafe 't Slik in Bergen op Zoom and Cafe Havenzicht in Sint Annaland. Pictures made at the studio recordings and these two gigs are online now:

Our next gig will be on the central square of Middelburg, on the 28th of July.

Bring it on down (June 30th 2006)

On the 3rd and 4th of July this year, we'll enter the recording studios in Middelburg alongside producer Danny Vera and sound engineer Walter Calbo to record some new songs. Due to the limited amount of time we won't be able to record a full length album, but we'll record a new EP. We'll post some pictures to give you an impression of the recording process as soon as possible.

We added pictures of our recent gigs:

We're also playing two gigs next week. See you there!

Serenity now (May 3rd 2006)

After a period with a lot of gigs, we'll be laying low for a while to write new material fo our album. Last friday we played the finals of 2nd Influenz, which were won by Sense Forward.

On sunday we performed as 'special act' during Kunstbende 2006 and the day after that we played in the Arsenaaltheater in Vlissingen for the Freedom Music Award, which was won by Outsmarted.

The pictures of 2nd Influenz, Kunstbende and the Freedom Music Award are now online:

Media updates (April 19th 2006)

We've been quite busy adding new content to the site the past few days, so here's a small summary of what's new:

Rock 'n Roll Star(s) (April 15th 2006)

Only two days ago we battled for the victory in the finals of the Hooikoorts 2006 festival, but yesterday we played a gig together with The Straits in De Piek in Vlissingen.

The Straits started the evening for a small, but very enthousiastic audience with a set consisting largely of their own work interweaved with some well placed covers. Luckily there weren't any technical difficulties and they impressed the venue with their solid britpop sound.

After a small period of changing gear we ascended the stage to play a set of about 45 minutes. Under a stunning array of blinding lights we played a lot of our own songs combined with two covers, a gig which received a warm welcome.

The moment our official set was finished, we played alongside the members of The Straits and rocked away on two Oasis classics: Supersonic and Live Forever, a very rewarding cooperation between bands.

We've got these great pictures of the show online.

Winners finals Hoo!koorts (April 14th 2006)

Yesterday evening we played a gig in the finals of the Hooikoorts 2005 / 2006 festival, organized by the Youth council of Veere. The seven best bands of the preliminary rounds and the winners of the audience-awards played a wide variety of musical styles between 20:00 and 0:00. The event ended with a blistering performance by Spats Malone.

After this performance, the jury announced the winners: Ocean's Edge! The jury were especially impressed by our guitar sound, the originality and our great tracks. Besides a trophy and a certificate we won a sum of money and some new gigs, one of which is a performance on the annual fair of Middelburg, on the 16th of June.

The pictures of this gig are now online and be sure to check out the past gigs to view two videos of our performance.

By popular demand (April 8th 2006)

Due to the large number of gigs we've been playing lately, the demand for our demo-material has greatly increased.

Since the Spirit Link EP sold out some time ago, we decided to make some of our recordings available for free on our website. In honor of this occasion, Frank has made a new final mix for these tracks.

Fans who bought the EP don't need to worry, since they're the only ones with a unique access code for the bonus material on our website.

Winners preliminary round Hoo!koorts (April 1st 2006)

This is no April's Fools joke: Ocean's Edge have been chosen as the winner in one of the last preliminary rounds of the Hoo!koorts festival. The judges were extremely impressed by our performance and thanks to them we'll play a final gig on the 13th of April in Serooskerke.

As soon as we get our hands on pictures taken yesterday evening we'll place them online for your viewing pleasure.

Besides this news, there's also a possibility we'll play a gig at the annual fair in Middelburg. We'll keep you informed.

Winners preliminary round 2nd Influenz (March 18th 2006)

Yesterday evening the judges of 2nd Influenz chose Ocean's Edge as the winners of the last preliminary round. On April 28th, the winners of all preliminary rounds will play a final gig in Heinkenszand.

We've place some pictures online which were taken yesterday evening.

Times like these (March 13th 2006)

Thanks to our appearance on Klipzz and the efforts of our very own PR-department, we're proud to have some new gigs.

Previous weekend (March 4th), Ocean's Edge were on air near Rotterdam and Gouda during the Zwaardvis (Swordfish) show on LON Radio. We're also participating in two competitions regarding Liberation Day, the 5th of March.

Furthermore a lot of live material was recorded during the selection rounds of the Borstrock festival, we'll try to put some of it on the site in the near future.

Update: Ocean's Edge have been invited to play in the preliminary rounds of 2nd Influenz.

Throw away your Television... (January 23rd 2006)

Ocean's Edge have been invited to play in the selection rounds for the Borstrock festival in Het Wagenhuis in Nieuw-Vossemeer.

If you want Ocean's Edge to play the Borstrock festival, then come support us on February 5th. The event starts at 2:30 PM, we will take the stage at around 6:00 PM.

Furthermore, you can now watch the Ocean's Edge performance on the Klipzz show online at the Klipzz website.

Another Fifteen Minutes of Fame... (January 4th 2006)

Yesterday Ocean's Edge travelled all the way to Goes for the recordings of the TV-show Klipzz. In a relaxed atmosphere and a smooth cooperation with the people of Omroep Zeeland, we succesfully completed the recordings.

The show starring Ocean's Edge will be broadcasted Tuesday, January 10th around 18:25 on the Omroep Zeeland channel and will be repeated every hour.

Prior to our recordings, a session with The Straits was being recorded, if you're into britpop, you might want to check them out, they recently recorded a demo.

All is Quiet... (January 1st 2006)

First of all, happy new year on behalf of our band!

The pictures of our gigs at Omroep Tholen and Cafe De Hoop are now online. For the proud owners of our CDs, we've placed two tracks in the Extras section of the site. These tracks are live performances of our radio show at Omroep Tholen.

January 3rd, we'll be in Goes for the recording sessions of the TV show Klipzz. We're very busy preparing for this TV performance, so we can deliver one hell of a show.


All We Hear Is... (December 1st 2005)

We have been invited by the local radiostation Omroep Tholen to play a live set in their studio in honor of their 20th anniversary. Between 21.00 and 22.00 PM we'll do an interview and play a lot of our own songs and some U2 covers. Omroep Tholen can be received on the radio on 106.5 FM, via cable on 107.6 FM and via cable television on channel 68 (846.00 MHz).

Furthermore we'll play a follow-up gig to our succesful August 19th show at cafe De Hoop on saturday December 17th. For the moment, that show will be the last opportunity for you to see and hear us live, since we're very busy writing new material for the album recordings planned in August 2006.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame (October 1st 2005)

Ocean's Edge have been invited by Omroep Zeeland, the regional TV-station, to perform two songs and be interviewed during the Christmas holidays of 2005 for the TV-show Klipzz. Ocean's Edge were one of the happy few bands to be selected, based on the self-written songs we sent via mail. The recording of the tracks and the interview will take place in Het Beest in Goes, unfortunately no audience is allowed.

We will perform live versions of Price of Progress, the opening track of the Spirit Link EP and Drive, a new song recorded and mixed by Frank during the weekend of September 23rd to September 25th.

After the succesful gig in cafe De Hoop on August 19th, Ocean's Edge have been invited to play another show there in December 2005. Details about the date and starting time of the gig will be added soon.

A new Hope (August 23rd 2005)

So, the gig at Cafe De Hoop is finished and we're happy to see we've played an almost four hour long gig for the audience.

We've put the first pictures of the gig online already. Visit the Daan Banaan website for more pictures.

Besides al this Oud-Vossemeer staged news, we've also added a new extra feature to the Extras page, a videoclip of our performance of the song Vertigo played on the U2 cover night in Cafe Het Wagenhuis.

All The Promises We Make... (August 8th 2005)

Due to the passing away of a relative of Peter, our singer, the gig on friday August 12th is be cancelled. The gig is rescheduled for friday August 19th, same time and location.

Our thoughts are with Peter and his family.

Rattle and Hum (July 21st 2005)

The U2-cover gig of past Saturday, July 16th, was a huge succes. A crowded "Wagenhuis" was singing and dancing along to older and newer U2 hits. After the show we got nothing but positive responses from the audience, and later via e-mail and telephone.

It was a pity that ONYX couldn't perform due to personal circumstances, but their replacements, the Metal Studs, put up one hell of a show. Finally we'd like to thank all the fans that showed up at the gig, even though some of them had to travel some distance to get there.

The first pictures have been put online as well.

"Three Chords and the Truth" (July 3rd 2005)

It took a while, but finally everything has been arranged for the "special" gig. On Saturday July 16th we'll perform a special set consisting exclusively of U2-songs from the early 80's 'til last year's "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb". Afterwards the coverband ONYX will play a set of rocksongs from the 70's.

The gig will take place in Het Wagenhuis in Nieuw-Vossemeer and starts at 20:30. There is no entrance fee.

Future plans (May 19th 2005)

Since it's release on the 4th of December 2004, Spirit Link EP has sold enough copies to recover the recording and production costs.

Ocean's Edge would like to thank everyone who bought our record for their support. Due to the enthousiastic responses and economic viability of Spirit Link EP. Ocean's Edge are currently planning to record a full length album in August 2005. Three new songs have already been finished, work on two new songs is "in progress" and many new ideas are taking shape on a weekly basis in the creative collective that is Ocean's Edge.

New gigs (March 10th 2005)

Following the succesful gigs in December 2004 / January 2005, Ocean's Edge have been booked for several private gigs in the coming months. Furthermore, Ocean's Edge are busy planning a "special" public gig somewhere in July 2005, more details will be released in the coming weeks.

Live recording (February 5th 2005)

We've added a live version of Strange Days to the Extras section of the site. This song was recorded on the 29th of January 2005 in Cafe Voorwaarts, Nieuw-Vossemeer. Thanks to Niels Veldman for this recording.


Spirit Link EP available at "De Waterput" (December 8th 2004)

On the 7th and 8th of December we supplied several copies of the Spirit Link EP to music shop De Waterput, located in both Middelburg and Bergen op Zoom. This action had been planned some time ago, but this officially marks the event of the CD being available in stores.

Release Spirit Link EP (December 4th 2004)

After a long period of waiting, the time has finally come: the Spirit Link EP is finally being sold, starting today. Along with this event, we'd again like to thank all people involved, enabling us to present the EP in it's form and shape it has today.

Digital (R)evolution (November 26th 2004)

The registration of the URL www.oceansedge.nl has been completed. For the moment we'll be experimenting with both form and content of the website, but we hope to be able to launch the website in the first half of December. Work on the website is done by our webmaster, Frank.

Is this it? (November 25th 2004)

After months of hard work the project is finally reaching its' completion. After pressing the CDs earlier this week, both the CDs and inlays were printed today with stunning results. Afterwards the CDs and folded inlays were placed into the slimcases, making the product ready for distribution. The website needs to be finished however, before the active distribution can start. If you buy the CD, you'll notice why.

Barely legal (November 22nd 2004)

In times where multimedia is a keyword, bands have to take the graphical design of their product into account. The visual aspect of a CD is important as well. Last friday we received the final design for the front of the inlay from Thomas van der Velden, the person responsible for the artwork. Before that, Frank had already done a great job on the inner pages and the back design of the booklet, enabling us to finish the total design in a short period of time. The CD itself got a very nice design as well.

After some discussion we've also decided on a name for the EP. From now on it will be known as the "Spirit Link EP". An EP, by the way, is a CD that is neither a single or a full length album and usually contains 4 to 7 tracks.

The devil is in the details (October 10th 2004)

After weeks of listening meticuously to our summer recordings, we payed another visit to Bergen op Zoom to add some finishing touches to the tracks. The volume and tone of the guitar have been slightly altered on some tracks and Peter, together with our producer Hans Schot, added some new vocal parts on the end of one of the songs.

Time for some action! (August 11th 2004)

During early August we entered the East&11 Studios, Bergen op Zoom, to do some recordings for our first EP. In a good two days we were able to record 4 songs in a relaxing but productive atmosphere. Afterwards all involved were very pleased with both the recording process and the resulting recordings. The coming weeks will be used to listen to the recordings very intensively, so we'll be able to remove small mistakes during the final mix.

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